HH-62112 Series Bridge Fixtures

HH-62112 Series Bridge Fixtures
HH-62112 Series Bridge Fixtures HH-62112 Series Bridge Fixtures
Product Description
GB/T 3048
Overall dimensions
1550×230×125mm (630mm2)
1550×230×150mm (1200mm2)
Product Description
HH-62112 Series Bridge Fixtures
Bridge fixture in line with the amended GB/T 3048 standard requirements of conductor resistance test: The distance from each end of the potential fixture head and the current fixture head is not less than 1-5 times of sample cross-section perimeter, according to usage, it is sorted as bare conductors series and stranded conductors series
All the appearance and structure are redesigned and adopted electrochemical dual-groove aluminum alloy baseplate to make it more reasonable

GB/T 3048
Technical parameters:
* Can be used for round conductor, stranded conductor resistance tests
* HH-62112-A applies to 630mm2 round conductors and round stranded conductors
* HH-62112-B applies to up to 1200 mm2 round conductors and round stranded conductors

* Overall dimensions: 1550×230×125mm (630mm2)
1550×230×150mm (1200mm2)
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