Home Solutions Power Cable(0.5-6 mm2) single cores

Power Cable(0.5-6 mm2) single cores

Power Cable(0.5-6 mm2) single cores


Introduction and Feature of Single cores 0.5-6 mm2 Power Cable 


The power cord is used as an AC power cord and a DC DC power cord. Usually, the AC power cord is a wire that passes high-voltage AC power. The type of DC cord is basically a direct current through voltage series. Therefore, there is no AC line in safety requirements. Strict, but for safety reasons, countries still require uniform safety certification.




The structure of the power cord mainly includes an outer sheath, an inner sheath, and a conductor. Common transmission conductors include copper and aluminum metal wires.




Production Process and Related Machines


1. Conductor Bunching

HH-B-650 High Speed Bunching machine


2. Twisted Cable Insulation

HH-E-PLC 80+40 Extrusion Machine


1. HH-B-650 High Speed Bunching machine



It is suitable for stranding of the copper wires with more than seven strands, also suitable for electronic wires, power wires, bare copper wires, network wires etc.







650 Bunching machine

1 set


Pay off stand multi-core copper wire 

1 set




Right-hand model. The operator faces its front and the wires enter it from its right side

Rotation speed of arched band

Max: 1800RPM. The bow strap is a guide wheel bow strap

Twisting pitch

15-60.24mm (can be adjusted appropriately according to customer needs), manual gear change twisting pitch

Stranded wire length calculation

How many meters per minute = twisting distance *2/1000* twisting bow speed per minute

Twisting direction

Arbitrary selection of left and right twisting direction

Single wire diameter


Stranding area

0.4 mm2-5.5 mm2



2. HH-E-PLC 70 Extrusion Machine



This equipment is suitable for outer surface extrusion of wires and cables with insulation materials such as PVC/PE.









Inlet Wire Diameter



Finished Wire Diameter

2~8 mm


Cross Sectional Area

1~6 square mm


Extrusion Speed

Max 400 m/min


Extrusion Capacity

140 kg/h


Installed Capacity

55 kva



380KV, can be customized



4000 kg


Measurement (L*W*H)

24*3.5*3.5 m



1.Who are we?
Hooha company Limited is based in Hongkong, china.Factory is located in dongguan,China.Established in 2003, with 19 years of experience in wire and cable field trade.It only takes 1 hour from our company to guangzhou/shenzhen airport.

2.How can we guarantee quality?
1.Online inspect facotry,production,shipment,and aftersales services.
2.pre-production sample before mass production.
3.High standards and strict requirements, key accessories of cable equipment only use imported parts.
4.Mechnical parts gurantee 12months, elcctrical parts 12 months. communication,remote assistance,solve customer problem 24 hours,when the problem can not solved online,we will dispatch engineer to go aboard to the problem on-site for the customer.

3.What can you buy from us?
1.material for wire and cable
2.turkey project for wire and cable
3.extrusion line/bunching/twisting
machine for wire and cable
4.accessorries for cable equipments

4.How long is your delivery time?
1.Generally, 3-7 days for goods in stock
2.30 days for goods after realsing order.
3.project will take 60-90 days

5. Will the price be cheaper if the order is placed in bulk?
Yes,Of course,it will make 10%-12% discount

6.What services can we provide?
1.Plant solution and machine design.
2.technical support at machines and cable
3.Installtion and commmsioning,after sales service.
4.Packaging customization 5.Customized,saving 10%-20% year-on-year cost

7.HOOHA cable equipment technical advantages
1.In order to ensure the high quality of products,we start from ensuring the accuracy of accessories, and the main accessories of products(Casing, end cover,shaft and wheel) they are all manufactured by CNC machining center,The main purchased parts are NSK Bearings from Japan,American gates belt,taiwan TTO Fluoro rubber oil seal,the working efficiency of the equipment is improved, the noise is reduced,and the service life of the equipment is extended to more than 10 years.
2.High precision dynamic balancing of all equipment rotors,The dynamic balance level is G1, reducing the unbalance to less than 1G, and the long-term operation is safe and reliable.
3.The bearing adopts double row cylindrical roller bearing and double row self-aligning roller bearing,compared with
the deep groove ball bearing, the bearing has high fatigue strength, long service life, stable operation and small vibration.


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