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HOOHA PTFE Wire Ram Extrusion Machine To Iran March 18th,2024.

Hooha PTFE Wire And Cable Extrusion Machine Shipping On 18th March, 2024

This production line is suitable for single-layer or double-layer extrusion production of fluoroplastics(PTFE) high temperature wires. PTFE wires are widely used in defense and military industry, aerospace, electronic and electrical, semiconductor, construction, medical, automative, electromechanical, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industry fields.

Finished cable samples:

Conductor: silver-plated copper. Nickel-plated copper is recommended for UL 250°C and required by CSA 250°C.

Insulation: heavy-wall extruded PTFE


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Due to the gradual upward development of the market, the demand for PTFE threads has been increasing in the last two years, especially after Covid-19. Our extruder is produced by hydraulic pushing and extruding, with PLC for easy operation and monitoring of all data.





We produce not only PTFE extruders but also similar high temperature extruders such as silicone and other fluoroplastic extruders.

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