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HOOHA Another LAN Cable Making Machine Project To Egypt

In an exciting development, the collaboration between a leading Egyptian cable manufacturer and Hooha, has achieved another milestone with the successful shipment of LAN cable manufacturing machinery. This shipment not only signifies the fulfillment of the expanded partnership but also highlights the momentum gained in advancing the Egyptian company's cable production capabilities.

The journey began in August 2023 when the Egyptian company took a significant leap forward by strengthening its ties with Hooha. The collaboration, which initially focused on LAN cable wire solid insulation,pair twist,twisting,braiding,taping machine etc for Cat.5e/Cat.6 LAN cable production and fire resistance cable.

Showcased the Egyptian company's dedication to technological progress and quality,Following a thorough with our cooperative client in Egypt,who is also his neighbor,and our cooperative client expressed satisfaction with working with us in the past 10 years. And the Egyptian client choose us to help them expand the LAN cable. This is our another lan cable project in Egypt. The first lan cable project in Egypt recommend by our Dubai lan cable client.


Now, as we report in January 2024,with team hard working and the strict policy import in Egypt.the goods from the order have been shipped to Egypt.

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this is our 14th exporting to the wire and cable making machines in 2024. welcome to contact us if you have any opportunity to build your lan cable business dream. call +8613532680721/ email :