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HOOHA team arrive Mexico to support clients in wire drawing machine 2024,January 10th

HOOHA and its Mexico client are achieving noteworthy progress in a collaborative effort for the expansion project of a wire drawing. As a prominent cable machine supplier, HOOHA has been instrumental in providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from equipment configuration to installation and commissioning, as part of a turnkey project.

Flight to Mexico took more than 2 days in transfer. If you have experience in flight that you will understand that this is not easy. I say it good, but you don't believe it either. I need you to personally experience it.indeed,some customers have reported that our products are a bit expensive,but many customers still choose our products after comparing them.

The customer has less experience in cable equipment installation. At the need of the customer, HOOHA has deployed two highly experienced chief engineers to the client's factory. Engineer Ou, with nearly 40 years of industry experience each, specialize in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, respectively. Their presence has been crucial in providing comprehensive guidance during the installation and commissioning process, ensuring a smooth progression of the entire project.