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HOOHA team Egypt visit in August, 2023.

2023, August our hooha team started their journey to Egypt , which starts from our patch cord cable complete project . with the successfully technical supporting and service that our hooha started to vivit cooperative clients and new one 

We entered into egypt since 2012 , with hard working that our equipments at extrusion machine, stranding machine , lan cable making machines etc gradually to different clients in egypt. they are brand company who are more than 20 years , 30 years in market . at this time we saw our machines run in their factory and some feedback from them in 

they have good reputation in market when we talked to our new clients .  



We are not the team who are sitting in office to talk with you , we are also vivid to oversea to stay with clients in the spot . it means that our business is well and blooming to market . 

Everyone can say good words, but not everyone can do responsible things. we are not unwilling to say those beautiful things to you, but because we know that truly fulfilling is more important than making empty promises. if you are looking for the supplier who has experience and focus in the cable making field . welcome to contact us