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Hooha Technical Team Indonesia Trip-Listed Wire And Cable Company

Since its establishment, our company has cooperated with some national government projects, in the business expansion and development year after year, our company began to strictly select customer groups, optimize the quality of customers, and cooperation with listed companies will be our brand awareness, and the company's cooperation can be more rigorous optimization of the company's service system and technical sophistication, to bring win-win relationship between the two sides.

Hooha's client's factory, whose main products are medium, high and low voltage cables as well as fiber optic cables, is one of the largest cable factories in Indonesia.

The customer's facility undergoes a rigorous production process and cable inspection process from conductor manufacturing to the finished line.



During the face-to-face meeting, the customer talked about the need for a new machine, and the Hooha team consolidated the machine information on the spot to present the performance of the product to the customer.

Positive feedback has always been Hooha's approach, which will provide positive feedback to the client on the information and solutions needed during the project, improve communication efficiency, and move the project forward more effectively.