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HOOHA Test machine of newly upgraded extrusion machine shipped to Indonesia

Although the hot weather did not affect HOOHA's enthusiasm for work, on September 25th, we carried out a test machine of the extrusion machine exported to Indonesia in the sweltering factory.

This customer is also one of HOOHA's long-term cooperation partners, and his annual sales have increased by 100 million yuan a year in the five years of cooperation. With this order, our total turnover has reached 6 million Yuan. This is the tenth order placed by the customer. Also because of the process upgrade, the final transaction was 1.5 million yuan, and the production cycle was 60 working days.

The extrusion machine in this trial is 80+50 type, and the customer uses it for the production of speaker cable. It is different from our regular 80+50 model. For specific details, we have performed anodizing treatment to make the parts more durable and beautiful. And the painting process has also been improved , and the whole machine is more wear-resistant through multiple painting methods. What's more gratifying is that this time our equipment has improved the production speed, from the original 300m/min to 350m/min.           

After continuous debugging by engineers, we finally completed the test machine and confirmed the details before shipment. This progress is also the performance of HOOHA's continuous improvement to meet customer needs. HOOHA focuses on providing solutions from wire equipment to wire. Welcome to consult at any time. We look forward to your arrival.