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Hooha's Products Enter the European Market

After more than two months of in-depth communication between the Hooha team and the Turkish customer, Hooha finalized the final product plan and factory design plan based on the Turkish customer's requirements for cable equipment and the factory drawings provided.

In September's Purchasing Festival, Hooha officially established friendly cooperative relations with Turkish customers, which also marked that hooha's products further penetrated into the European market. In the subsequent production process of the product, we will also provide further feedback for Turkish customers.

Hooha cherishes every opportunity for cooperation, and sincerely thank customers for their recognition of the quality of Hooha products. In our future development, Hooha will continue to carry out technological innovation and production concept innovation to provide more customers with better quality and more environmentally friendly products.

If you have any cooperation needs, please feel free to contact us:

whatsapp: +8613763134250