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HOOHA got the repeat orders from the Uzbekistan customer

In 2021, we received a surprising order. The reason for being happy is not only that we have received repeat orders from our customers, but also to be happy for our customers because his repeat orders mean that his business is getting better and better, which is what we hope.

Because the client’s business is booming, he needs equipment to increase production. After happily working with us for the first time, the customer decided to continue to choose us for the second time. So after the repeat orders were confirmed, the goods were finally loaded onto the truck on September 12, 2021.

This shipment includes: two sets of 630 coiling machines, a set of 1250 coiling machines, a 24DHA small wire drawing machine, a set of 500 high twisting machines and six wire reels. After this successful loading and shipment, the third batch of goods is also being produced.


HOOHA has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality services and solutions from wire to equipment. Not only have old customers have long-term cooperation with us, we also have new customers who are impressed by our professional and enthusiastic service. If you have a need, why not try to contact us, HOOHA is your choice.