Lan cable project between Dubai customer and HOOHA(2021.11--2022.01)

Hooha's engineers will leave for Dubai on November 13 to install and debug data cable CAT5/6 manufacturing line and optical fiber manufacturing line from November 13 to 26.Gulf countries have always been an important market for Hooha, in which our business has been worked with customers successfully. And we have rich experiences at business trip and comprehensive understanding at local market and technical supporting. We are ready for business trips to other gulf countries for any cooperation needs during pandemic.

Our engineer will arrive at the client's company in Dubai around November 2021.  During this period, our engineers patiently and carefully taught the client company to install, debug and layout the equipment.  The two sides made a perfect cooperation.  

Around January 2022, our engineer completed this mission, successfully passed the quarantine period, and finally set foot on the journey back to China.  In short, our company has established a deep friendship with dubai customers through this cooperation.  

Finally,there are some videos about this cooperation:

(here is the tips of the machines for making CAT6,CAT6A UTP,FTP etc testing and deliver , install at customer factory. )

(Our engineer team spend new year in Dubai)

(Our engineers help workers operate and debug machines at the customer's factory and ask for suggestions and feedback about our products.)

Hooha engineers team have been working in the industry for more than 20 years and have rich experience at machine installation,production and factory operating. 

If you need any technical support and purchase,please feel free to contact our engineer: 13532680721/18825743289(Joe Chi),13763134250(Jack Yang).