HH-DT- PLC 1000 Bow Type Stranding Machine

HH-DT- PLC 1000 Bow Type Stranding Machine
HH-DT- PLC 1000 Bow Type Stranding Machine HH-DT- PLC 1000 Bow Type Stranding Machine HH-DT- PLC 1000 Bow Type Stranding Machine HH-DT- PLC 1000 Bow Type Stranding Machine HH-DT- PLC 1000 Bow Type Stranding Machine
Product Attributes :

FOB Price: 124,000 ~ 125,000 USD

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Delivery Time: 60 working days

Applicable scope of wire rod : AL / Cu 10mm2— 25mm2

Max stranded diameter:  φ 20mm

Warranty: 12 months

Product Description


This machine is applicable to bunching of various kind of cables such as power cable, communication cable, computer and instrument cable, copper conductor, aluminum conductor, BV, BVV, RV and RVV, etc.


1. The buncher is efficient. Its output is 4 times that of rigid stranded wire.

2. The main shaft is naturally circulated and cooled by oil lubrication, thus prolonging the service life of the machine.

3. The wire passing system has a new structure. The wire goes directly from the spindle wheel to the bow belt. The wire rod directly guides the bow through the main shaft groove, thereby reducing the wire passing angle.

4. The stranding machine is driven by a timing belt to ensure the correct stranding pitch.

5. The gearbox is integrated, S0, easy to install and transport. The holes at both ends of the bearing are processed at one time to ensure coaxiality.

6. The spool supports are processed together to improve installation accuracy.

7. Our stranding machine adopts advanced control system. The working process is controlled by sensors and PLC program. There are indicators for monitoring each door, internal and external disconnection, spindle oil level, etc.


It adopts imported carbon fiber rotary double bow slices and features light weight, small centrifugal force and high rotation speed


PLC controls the whole process of production line with program control of PLC stranding pitch 


Active type pay-off can keep constant tension of wire stringing, which avoids leakage of stranding effectively


The pneumatic type jacking shaft structure is easy and convenient in operation


Bearing of the machine adopts the imported brands NSK and KOYO, high strength synchronous belt transmission force with high transmission accuracy and low noise, imported gas-liquid pressurized disc braking system, up and down spool in motor-driven conveying type, standalone closed protecting cover


It adopts high hardness chrome bar as a guidance during wire ranging, multi-startthread transmission force speed reduction motor drive. PLC procedure controls the pitch of cables, which can be adjusted in the working process


The pre-twisting device with multi-hole inlet wire distribution plate arranges multiple wires layer by layer with concentric stranding. There is one rotating mould and two fixed moulds and squeezing moulds installed inside and outside the machine to guarantee tightness and roundness of stranded conductor


The mainshaft bearing is designed with temperature control system, which will stop working and offer a reminder to add lubricating oil to make automatic protection in case of over high temperature 



No.  Items Quantity

Reference Picture


500-630 Active non-shaft payoff stand

7 sets


Inlet Wire Pre-Twisting Device

3 pieces


PLC Electric control box

1 set


Standalone security protective cover

1 set


1000 Main stranding machine

1 set


Motor-driven type lift truck

1 set











500-630 Active non-shaft pay off stand and take up stand


1. Plate Specifications:500~630mm

2. Type:None axis top cone type

3. Load and unload plate Type:Motor-driven screw up and down

4. Wire plate locking:Manual screw

5. Pay-Off tension:2.2 KW motor +specific inverter 


Inlet Wire Pre-Twisting Device

1. Inlet wire distribution plate:3 pieces, electroplating of A3 steel plate; porcelain eyes are arranged by a rule of 3/2/1, forming three layers 1+6+12+18

2. Position:Three distribution plates are adjustable to the proper positions

3 PLC  Electric control box

1. PLC:Human-machine interface, whole-process control, stranding pitch can be set freely, direction can be selected from left or right

2. Electronic components:Adopt imported 10.6-inch color touch screen and vector converter, temperature control module, power panel, high-precision tension board, Japan imported NEMION decoder, imported relay and so on

3. Drive converter:Adopts imported vector converter, and the host machine is fitted with 30KW, traction and 11KW DC capstan, The cable is fitted with 1/2HP. The converter can realize frequency conversion stepless speed regulation


1000 Main stranding machine

1. Structural style:Open double column type inner rack, antivibration separated safety guard, enhanced host machine stand, A3 installation and welding and annealing

2. Applicable scope of wire rod:Wire AL/Wire Cu 10mm2— 25mm2

3. Range of stranding products:MAX φ 20mm

4. Applicable spool:International corrugated spool φ1000 (external diameter)*950 (total length)*800 (inner width)*φ80 (inner bore)


1.Over 20-year experienced engineer team in field of cable and wire making machines to guarantee professional solution and first-rate quality products.

2.Our professional engineer team had over 5 years experience working overseas, will provide various technologies to support our customers, including overseas on-site installation guidance, talent training, long-term technological updating services,etc.

3.Adopting famous brand parts such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Omron, Emerson to ensure reliable using of our products.

4.We check every detail of the machines and do pre-production test before delivery to eusure products quality and performance.



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