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Thanks for placing trust on HOOHA ! Second time purchase from Argentina client

Back in 2020 , Mr. Bruno has consulted and purchased the automatic coiling and wrapping machine to increase the velocity of the packaging efficiency . With 1 year of using , no quality issue had occurred and the manufacturing speed had gone higher than ever .

So in the end of 2021 , Mr. Bruno consult with us about expanding his production line , adding the filled double layer cable . 

And there are different model in this production line . He want a machine to achieve the effect of  manufacturing them all with 1 machine .

Based on the cable structure and the size of the client , we discussed with our engineering team and come to the result that 80+90 tandem extrusion machine is perfect for him . The filled double layer structure is different from tradition double layer that achieve by stripping machine . It requires 2 extrusion host to produce the extrude each layer separately .

Since we have successful cooperating experience with Mr. Bruno , he totally trust us and our proposal after brief discussion with his engineer and product manager . And settle this deal in a short term . In their original business plan , they didnt expect to settle this deal this fast . However , they dont want to change their plan , so they place the official order in April ,2022 . 

And as usual , we finished manufacturing the machine within our lead time . In these few months , the COVID-19 has affected the Shanghai area so that the lead time for the yaskawa inverter was delayed .


Now that the testing and regulating is smooth as it can gets . We are ready to ship it out to Mr. Bruno as soon as we can