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Wire guides

Wire Guides

First class raw material for excellent quality

Wire Guides from HOOHA are made of aluminum oxide in the highest purity of minimum 99.7% or above. HOOHA also offers a wide range of wire guides made of zirconia oxide ceramic. First class raw material and standardized production methods drive to ceramic guides of prime quality with an excellent price-performance ratio. Due to permanent growing wire and cable quality specifications we also offer all our guides with mirror polished running surfaces.

With our polishing methods we are reaching surface roughness below 0.1 μ Ra. Therefore we enable our customers to increase the surface quality of their wire and reduce the abrasion in their machines and equipment. In addition to our wide range of standard parts we also produce wire guides up to customer specifications and wishes.

Bilateral Ceramic Eyelet Guide
Product ID : Eyelet guide-1
Alumina Ceramic eyelet guide (Ceramic ring ) apply to the coiling machine and spinning and weaving machinery, is in common use fault silk another piece, is used to demand no high fault silk occasion. Silk thread slides when the job, in China eye outside,
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