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WLZB-4/16X Paper Wrapping Machine Technical Parameter (servo control)

WLZB-4/16X Paper Wrapping Machine Technical Parameter (servo control)
Product Name : WLZB-4/16X Paper Wrapping Machine Technical Parameter (servo control)
Product ID : HH-CT002


WLZB-4/16X Paper Wrapping Machine Technical Parameter

(servo control)


1.     Notes to model code:

WLZB-4/16X                  Paper Wrapping Machine


WLZB ----Horizontal Crawling Traction Paper Lapping Machine


4/16 -----      one product line with four paper tapping heads, each taping head may

                wrapping 4 layers of paper, so it can wrap Max.4*4=16 in total


X -------  Number of paper layers


2.     Main data

product scope                           Copper / Aluminum rectangular wire


section area                            5~80 mm²


Line speed                               8~16m/min, step less adjustable


Lapping pitch                                               10~32 mm, step less adjustable


Lapping head rated speed                     500~700 rpm/minAccording to the wire gauge

                                           and paper


Paper Pad OD                                          330 mm


Paper Pad ID                                             75 mm


Paper Pad width                                         10~32 mm


Paper thickness                                     0.040~0.125 mm


3.     Scope of supply


Main machine                                            1 unit


FS pay-off unit                               1 unit


LS take-up unit                               1 unit


Electric control system                       1 set

Accessories                                        1 set

Foundation layout                                1 set

       Anchor bolts                                         1 set

      Technical documents                            1 set

ü         technical specification                                    

ü      operation instruction                                        

ü         installation instruction                                    

ü         lubricant chart                                                  

ü         maintenance scheme                                            

ü         trouble shooting sheet                                    

ü         spare part list                                                    

ü         operation manuals for PLC and drivers       



4. PS pay off                              1 unit


lifting and lowering by electric lift wooden dishaerodynamic damping pay off


Type                                      Pay off by bobbin moving


Up/down                                  Motor


Clamping                                 Shaft


Carrying weight                         Max. 800 kg


5. WLZB-4/16X main machine components list in detail:


straightening device                               1 set


Straightening rollers                              10 pieces


Roller diameter                          47 mm


Roller distance                          70 mm


Paper tapping head                                   4 set


Wrap direction                             Taping head rotation direction can be adjust

                                                 turn positive or negative

Paper Pad OD                                             330 mm


Paper Pad ID                                                75 mm


Quantity of pad on each head            4 PCS.


Locking mode of paper pad                       locknut


Position of paper pad                                  4 PCs on one plane


Adjust angle of paper wrapping                rotating roller


Lapping pitch                              10~32 mm, stepless adjustable


Pitch excursion                           ±0.2 mm


Lapping head rated speed                800 rpm/min


Lapping head biggest production speed 500-700 rpm/min


Number of lapping head                   4 piece


Lapping layer                             16 layers


Tension control                          constant tension, Automatic adjust by Mechanical


Hollow diameter                          35 mm


Steel part                                                      with antisepsis treatment


Kraft break detector                    stop with optic electric inductive during           

                                                normal operation, the main machine will stop 

                                                work while the paper tape finished or tape

                                             fracture,sliding inertia length is about 150 mm


Transmission device                     Servo motor driver



Pulling Caterpillar                                     1 set


Caterpillar length                       1120 mm


Belt material                                                 Rubber


Caterpillar drive                        Servo motor driver


Clamping method                          Pneumatic


Max. Pulling force                       500kgf


Max. Opening distance between belts  40 mm


Synchronization                                            Servo motor control



Meter counter                             1 set


Type                                                               Electrical


Length method                                                   by wheel that directly contacts wire


Length measuring                                      Stop the machine at setting length

6.    LS take up unit                          1 unit


Type                                        take up by bobbin moving


Drum diameter                                             provide by USER


Barrel diameter                                            provide by USER


Drum width                                                         provide by USER


Bore diameter                                                    provide by USER


installing bobbin                                         with pintail of bearing


Lifting, lowering bobbin                motor


Wire traversing                          by servo motorscrew to wire traversing


Take up                                 by frequency conversion motor, inverter control tension


Carrying Weight                           max 800kgs

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