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HOOHA Fire Resistance Assemblies Tester

HOOHA Fire Resistance Assemblies Tester
Product Name : HOOHA Fire Resistance Assemblies Tester
Product ID : HH-FR001
Made in : China
Brands : HOOHA
Certification : ISO CE TUV SGS
Voltage : 380V
Delivey dates : 30 days

HOOHA’s Fire Resistance Assemblies Tester is included in both the IEEE 1202 and IEEE 383 standards. This test method is proceed in a chamber with a set volume for 20 minutes. During the 20 minutes, a sample cable is ignited with theoretically 20kW(70,000Btu/hr) flame using an ignition source fixed in a vertical position. This equipment evaluates a spread of flame of single core cable or multi core cable. 
If user wants to measure H.R.R (Heat Release Rate), Smoke density and so on, Heat Release Facility (additional part) is adoptable to this equipment.


• IEEE 1202 
- IEEE Standard for Flame Testing of Cables for Use in Cable Tray in Industrial and 
Commercial occupancies 
• IEEE 383 
- IEEE Standard for type Test of Class IE Electric Cables, Field Splices, and 
Connections for Nuclear Power Generaton 
• UL1685 
- Vertical-Tray Fire-Propagation and Smoke-Release Test for Electrical and Optical-Fiber Cables



- Test enclosure : 2,600(W) x 2,600(D) x 3,100(H) mm 
- Enclosure walls : maximum conductive heat fiux loss of 6.8 W/ (
K) (30 Btu/h-ft²) 
- Air intakes : air intakes 1.45
± 0.03 (2,250 in² ± 50  in²) 
- Access door : conductive heat finx greater than 6.8 W/(
K) (30 Btu/h-ft²) 
- Collection box : 914
914 914 (36 in 36 in 36 in) SUS 304 
- Exhaust dust : 16 in (406
) nominal inside diameter pipe 
- Duct dimension : inner diameter φ 400
- Exhaust blower : 3.5 ±0.5
(11.5 ± 1.6 ft/s) 
- Velocity probe (Bi-directional) assembly 
- Pressure tube dimension : OD φ6.4
, ID φ3.9 
- Bi-directional : OD φ22.2
, ID φ19, Length φ 44.4 
- Burner : nominal (W) 12 in(305
) (D) 3 in(78) (H) 96 in(2438
- Tray : 305(W) x 76(D) x 2438(H) mm 
- DAQ Board : 16 Bit wide gain range, Analog and Digital I/O Board 
- Control Rack : 19” Control Rack(Included Personal Computer) 



2,600(w) ×  2,600(D) ×  3,100(H)


220 V AC, 60 Hz, 10 A


About 500kg


Propane Gas Valve System, Ignition System


- Test Enclosure dimensions : 2,600(W) x 2,600(D) x 3,100(H) mm, internal volume : 20.28m3, and 
Internal dimensions of floor : 6.76m2. 
- A thermocouple and Bi-directional Velocity Probe to measure temperature and velocity of waste gas is fitted to the Exhaust Duct. 
- The Bi-directional Velocity Probe is the most accurate to measure combustion gas of high temperature during combustion and flow velocity within the duct during vortex. 
- The Tray used in Vertical Tray Flame Tester test is produced with steel ladder 
The basic size of the Tray is 305(W) x 76(D) x 2,438(H) mm and steel width of the horizontal column is 25±6mm and distance between the center of the vertical column is 229mm. 
- Burner used in the Vertical Tray Flame Tester is a Propane gas burner of ribbon type including a ventury mixer that meets IEC60332-3.   
- The flowmeter used in the Vertical Tray Flame Tester is not the preexistent rotameter type of flowmeter but a Mass Flow Controller that can provide a regular flux even if propane and air pressure changes. 
- Using DAQ Board the internal Enclosure and flame temperature of burner can be accurately measured; Gas and Air solenoid valve can be controlled. 
- Solenoid valve and ignitor in Control Rack can be manually controlled, in emergency cases by fitting the emergency switch the power, excluding the computer, can be shut off.


Test Result
- The test results and data are automatically recorded in the IEEE1202 Vertical Tray Flame Tester program and the user can directly enter the information in parts where the record was omitted. 
- Date of test, location, quantity, responsible, observer and manufacturer’s name 
- internal size of enclosure (in case that do not meet the standards) 
- Manufacturer identification/type and Catalogue 
- Detailed description of cable structure (Minimum structure and highest specific gravity) 
- Highest specific gravity related to nonmetal and metal ashes weight 
- NEC type or CEC type design 
- Cable test specimen or number of frequent occurrence in Cable tray 
- Air temperature outside enclosure, internal temperature of Enclosure before test 
- Air flow of floor elevation, air flow of 1.5m(4.9ft) from above floor 
- Propane flow, air flow entering to the burner, air flow circulated through ventilation duct 
- Consumed volume of propane during test (in cases where gas flow controller was not used) 
- Length of damage, after combustion time, test result 
– Pass or failure, remarks 

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