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HOOHA engineers provide remote guidance to our Tanzanian customers on machine problems

At the moment of COVID-19, Chinese engineers can't go abroad to install machines for our customers, but HOOHA didn't wait and we won't let our customers wait, the video is HOOHA engineers specially go to the factory to take instructional videos for our Tanzanian customers to guide them on water and oil circuit operation and machine start-up and shutdown. There are many mature power cable plants in China with similar equipment, even if the engineers can't go to the customer's factory because of the epidemic, we can still give the best installation and commissioning guidance to our customers.

Let's watch it.

It has been HOOHA's aim to be responsible to our customers, we share the same fate with our customers, solve all problems for them, help them to run their projects quickly, give them the most professional guidance and help them make fast money. As long as you place an order with us, HOOHA will definitely make your investment get exponential returns!!!