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HOOHA successfully delivered network cable equipment to customers in Dubai

On February 18, 2021, Hooha received an inquiry from a Customer in Dubai on Whatsapp, and also found this customer in Alibaba's RFQ, which means that there will be at least ten competitors competing with us, and we need to react quickly.

Therefore, after the communication between RFQ and WhatsApp, we know that the customer's demand is relatively clear and real. Then, after the background research of the company information is clear, the main direction is to know his company's purchase time, whether there is preparation (such as plant, technical personnel) and other aspects of the preliminary preparation. For example, the customer will send CAD to the factory, the production time and so on.

After continuous email communication, the customer sent the purchase contract on March 30.

the customer also sent down payment on March 31, and paid attention to the delivery time.


HOOHA continued to understand the production process of the customer's network wire, and through the analysis of the samples and process cards sent by the customer, provided the customer with three feasible solutions for the customer to compare and choose.

After the customer confirmed the details of the order, we started to put into production and checked the condition of the equipment through trial machine, and sent the test report to the customer.

After a long period of production, we went to the factory for detailed inspection of the products on August 17, 2021, and successfully loaded and shipped the products on August 28.