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Customer's New factory Successfully Operates During COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 , many customers‘ projects were put on hold.

The customer's new factory is ready and will be put into production soon. We are very happy that HOOHA is able to help customers to promote their projects. This client can still carry out new projects smoothly during the epidemic, which greatly reduces the impact of the uncertainty of the epidemic on its project development. We hope this client's successful experience can bring some new inspiration to everyone.

During this hard time, we still have many customers who choose to trust us and cooperate with us. Even if the customer cannot visit the factory in China in person, the internet gives us a platform for direct cooperation. We are very grateful to these customers for their trust in us, and we are very happy that our service and product quality can be recognized by customers.


During the epidemic, we know that customers choosing us was based on trust. We have always been committed to paying attention to the actual needs of customers, helping customers think more, and solve more problems they might not have thought of . Providing customers with satisfactory services in all aspects has always been our aim. After the order is placed, we will have a dedicated after-sales team to follow up the implementation of the order, and pass the detailed production progress to our customers by video shooting, production reports, etc., to alleviate their concerns. In terms of equipment installation and commissioning, we will also carefully produce detailed instruction videos and guide manuals to help customers install equipment. At the same time, we can assist customers to find qualified equipment installation and commissioning engineers in the customer’s local market, and help customer solves the installation and debugging problems of the equipment.


Let’s seize every opportunity during the epidemic, seize more opportunities in the market, and achieve success sooner!