Russian Customer Placed an Order in Hooha in 2019

In 2018, Our Russian customers first got to know HOOHA from our Youtube channel. Through the videos we posted on Youtube, customers further learned that we have mature technology and full experience in high-temperature cable solutions, thus bringing our company into the consideration of their suppliers. After careful market research and inspection, our Russian customers planed to start the project in 2019.

At the Cabex exhibition in Moscow, Russia from March 19 to March 21, 2019, customers visited our booth, showing us some samples they wanted to produce. After returning to China, our engineer team carefully analyzed the customer’s samples, conducting special discussions and feedback exchanges on this.

Machines Test in Hooha Factory Before Shipping

On May 7, 2019, the customers arrived in China to meet with our team. We guided our customers to visit our factory and helped them better understand the condition and quality of our equipment. During this process, customers asked many detailed questions about our machines, and our technical team offered the technical guidance in detail for them to help them remove a lot of concern.

After negotiating through meetings, we have reached a cooperation. Our customer has determined the sample type to be produced, and we have reconfirmed the machine that the customer needs. After the equipment was produced, we used the machine to produce samples according to the product specifications provided by the customer. Then Customer carried out quality inspection on the produced samples. After testing, the customer was satisfied with the quality of the sample.


In the process of cooperating with customers, we not only provide products, but also help customers promote the cable projects through our all-around services and other full support.